Joining Girl Guides

Girls and women from 5 - 105 years are welcome to join. We have Fun, Friends and Adventures to suit all ages!

Take that first step outside your comfort zone and become empowered to grow into a confident, self-respecting responsible community member with Girl Guides! To read more please click on a tab below.

Contact Us or Submit an Enquiry Form and introduce yourself - your local Girl Guides would love to meet you.


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Adult Membership

Adults, through Guiding, can give back to the community and inspire girls and young women to be their best.  Whether it’s a long term commitment or a short term project, there are opportunities to suit your lifestyle. Any woman over 18, who is prepared to make the Guide Promise can be an Adult member. Any adult over 18 can be a Volunteer or join their local Support Group.

  • Leadership. Women 18+ can become Guide Leaders and work with girls and young women.
  • Olaves. Women 18-30 who wish to be Girl Guides.
  • Trefoil Guild. Women 18+ enjoy fun and fellowship while building support for Guiding.
  • Adult Volunteer. Adults 18+ share professional skills and hobbies, help with fundraising, assist Leaders with Unit activities or join the Support Group or District Support Team.
  • Blue Gold. Adults 18+ who wish to promote the value of GGSA to the wider community.
Girl Guides Australia Information Kit for Volunteers.
Essential information for those wishing to Volunteer with Girl Guides.


Leaders are volunteers. They are carefully chosen women who understand and care about the needs of girls and young women and enjoy sharing their time and talents to support Guides to grow and learn.
BRAVO to our fabulous Leaders who work directly with Girl Guides supporting them in their Fun, Friends and Adventures. Leaders are able to achieve awards, badges and recognition through district, local, state, national and international events. Leaders attend Girl Guide excursions, camps, and events and receive ongoing training within their District.
Leaders come from all walks of life, families and working situations.
Leaders and Adult members are bound to a Code of Conduct and complete Child Safe training in relation to policies and procedures regarding the protection of children.

GGSA requires Adult members and Volunteers to have a National Police Certificate.
GGSA requires all Adult Leaders to attain a Australian Learning and Qualification (ALQP) Certificate.

The ALQP is provided by Girl Guides Australia (GGA) and initiates training and a pathway to Unit Leadership, Management and Training Qualifications.
It takes approximately 6-12 months to complete the ALQP. The ALQP includes physical attendance for training, online attendance for webinars and activities while volunteering with the Guides.

GGA Leadership Roles

Code of Conduct

Apply for a South Australia National Police Check

GGA ALQP information.
Please note: this page requires membership Log in.

Trefoil Guild - open to women 18+

Once a Guide, Always a Guide  
Is your time limited yet you wish to keep your link with Guiding? Then Trefoil Guild may be just right for you!

A Trefoil Guild is a self governing body and is financially self supporting. Each Trefoil Guild plans its own program, decides its own meeting times and places, and how best it can further its aims. There are opportunities to attend State and Australian Gatherings and events.
"Dual Trefoil Guild Members" are women who hold qualifications or appointments with GGSA or the Scout Association or are active Support Group/District Support Team members who have made the Guide Promise. Former members of member countries of WAGGGS now residing in Australia can also join Trefoil Guild.
Members are kept informed of activities and events through the Trefoil Guild State newsletter.

Dark Horse Venture

Are you a senior person interested in discovering your creative and practical hidden talents? Would you like receive Awards for these hidden talents? 

 Dark Horse Venture Application

Beyond Butterflies

Look for some ideas for guild activities in this follow-up reference document (links, photographs and further information on program activities) from the 22nd Australian Trefoil Guild Gathering, run in Adelaide October 2016.

Beyond Butterflies   

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