Cost and Uniform

Guiding Costs

  • Unit Subs (Subscriptions): In addition to yearly membership fees, a small fee may be collected weekly or by the term to cover local unit activities and equipment - this will vary from Unit to Unit. 
  • Handbook: Girls and Leaders will need to purchase a handbook. Separated into age groups, derived from developmental stages (plus one generic handbook for Leaders), the handbooks are designed to ensure success at every stage of the Guiding journey. Jam-packed with fun ideas and new badge challenges, these books are a wealth of information for Leaders and trace a Guide’s journey.
  • Events: Camps and outings are available at an extra fee. Leaders usually advise of these events early to allow you to budget for them. An average outdoor camp starts at around $70.00 for a weekend. 
  • Support Group: The Support Group may charge a levy to assist with maintenance costs and may reduce the amount of fundraising required. 
  • Leaders: Membership and uniform costs may be paid for in part by the District. Contact the District Manager for more details. 
  • Fundraising: Guides may also do fundraising activities at times to help with the above costs.

Membership Fees

Girl Guides South Australia has an annual membership fee which includes insurance. This is invoiced each year and due on the membership anniversary date.
(A proportion also goes to support Girl Guides Australia and the work of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts). Below are these membership fees as of 1 January 2017

Membership Type Annual Fee
Youth (continuing)
Youth (new youth member, includes starter kit $30 including handbook voucher and badge)
Also returning member after a 12 month gap
Trefoil Guild Member 

We are also introducing a new way for members to reduce their membership fees by introducing new members.  We appreciate that many of our new members join because a friend introduces them & we'd like to reward them.  From the start of 2017, the following will apply:
  • If you are an existing Youth or Adult member and you introduce a new Youth member, you will receive $15 off your next year’s membership upon confirmation that they have paid their 2017 GGSA membership.
  • If you are an existing Adult member and you introduce a new Adult member (paying the $130 membership), you will receive $30 off your next year’s membership (again, upon confirmation that they have paid their 2017 GGSA membership).
  • In both cases, you can introduce multiple people and receive the benefit multiple times. So if a youth member introduces 10 new members they will receive enough discounts to make their 2018 membership free.
  • Please note:  Discounts will only be given to the maximum amount of the membership fee.  No discount will be given to cover the Starter Pack for new youth members.  Discounts are not given if the person joining is simply late paying and therefore their membership has lapsed.

The Guide Uniform

A Uniform is worn by members all over Australia to create a sense of unity and to identify them as Guides. The Guide uniform includes polo shirts and a blue shirt (for teens) or a striped shirt (for adults) and are to be worn with navy pants. Black sneakers, closed-in shoes or sandals as appropriate are required for footwear. Youth members also wear a sash which displays badges they have achieved.

Other optional items available include jackets, hoodies, hats and bags. A complete list of available items, prices and ordering information can be found in the  GGA Uniform Information Booklet. This booklet also provides a helpful sizing chart and information on uniform guidelines and badge placement. For more details and costs of uniform items visit the Guide Shop at Norwood.

The Guide Shop is located at 63 Beulah Road, Norwood and is open on Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 3pm.  It is also open on the first Saturday of the month from 10am to 12 noon (check Dec and Jan). Mail orders are welcome.  Please either email or phone the Guide Shop with your order. Price list and order forms are available in the members' area of MyGGSA - Forms - 03 Guide Shop.


Uniform FAQ's 

Still have some questions regarding the new uniform? Read the  Uniform Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Badge Placement

Girl Guides Australia also provides resources that outlines the uniform  Sash Badge Placement