Who can join

  • Girls and young women aged between 5-17 years can join Girl Guides
  • Girls from any culture, religion or background are invited to join us

How to join

The first step to joining Girl Guides South Australia is to submit an enquiry using our online enquiry form.

Once we receive your enquiry a volunteer Guide Leader will contact you, answer your queries and invite your daughter to attend the next local Guide meeting suitable for her.  This trial meeting will give you and your daughter the confidence Guiding is right for you.

If you already know where your local Guide hall is and when they meet (use the Find Us locality guide) you can introduce yourself to the volunteer Guide Leader and she will begin the membership process with you.


  • If you join Girl Guides between 5-17 you will be a youth member and placed into a Unit.
  • Find your local unit
  • Units are structured so girls are with their own age group.
  • Unit meetings usually take place once a week during the South Australian school terms for 1-2 hours within a local hall or community space.
  • Guides have opportunities to participate in many programs outside Unit meetings.  Guides may help run community events, embrace the outdoors through camping and other adventurous activities, enjoy social outings with other Units and even learn how to save a life!

Take the first step to join Girl Guides by submitting an online enquiry form or visiting your local Guide Unit and introducing yourself.


Guides are a non-profit organisation, however, there are basic costs involved, they are; 

  • New Youth Members $175
  • Renewing Youth Members $145
  • Adult Members $130
  • Unit Subscriptions
  • Guide Uniform
  • Camps

For further details see Costs and Uniforms

If you would like to know more about joining Girl Guides South Australia complete the online enquiry form
or phone 1300 GIRL GUIDES (1300 447 548)