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Webinars do not need separate registration: follow the connection instructions and log on slightly ahead of the session start time. 

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Guiding Orientation WebinarOnline Training04 Jul 1704 Jul 17 LD17GO12
Minimising Operational Risk WebinarOnline Training08 Jul 1708 Jul 17 LD17MOR06
Trainers DayGuide House08 Jul 1708 Jul 17LD17TT02
Fleurieu Region Training DayDouglas Scrub09 Jul 1725 Jun 17LD17RR04
Guiding Orientation WebinarOnline Training19 Jul 1719 Jul 17 LD17GO13
Incredible Me! Weekend for Adults **deferred To 2018**Douglas Scrub22 Jul 1729 May 17LD17SALE
North Met. Region Training DayTBC Guide Hall29 Jul 1707 Jul 17LD17RR05
Leadership Qualification Day 2 of 2Blackwood Guide Hall05 Aug 1715 Jul 17LD17LQ022
Guiding Orientation WebinarOnline Training09 Aug 1709 Aug 17 LD17GO14
South Met/Western Metro/Fleurieu Regions Training DayFlagstaff Hill Guide Hall12 Aug 1721 Jul 17LD17RR06
Minimising Operational Risk WebinarOnline Training20 Aug 1720 Aug 17 LD17MOR07
Guiding Orientation WebinarOnline Training24 Aug 1724 Aug 17 LD17GO15
Conduct a Camp - WeekendDouglas Scrub Campsite26 Aug 1705 Aug 17LD17CC01
Guiding Orientation WebinarOnline Training01 Sep 1701 Sep 17 LD17GO16
Riverland Region TrainingTBC02 Sep 1711 Aug 17LD17RR07
Minimising Operational Risk WebinarOnline Training15 Sep 1715 Sep 17 LD17MOR08
Flinders-Eyre Region Training WeekendTBC - Whyalla Stuart High School16 Sep 1725 Aug 17LD17RR08
Guiding Orientation WebinarOnline Training17 Sep 1717 Sep 17 LD17GO17
Guiding Orientation WebinarOnline Training05 Oct 1705 Oct 17 LD17GO18
Minimising Operational Risk WebinarOnline Training20 Oct 1720 Oct 17 LD17MOR09

For further information about courses, including urgent enquiries, please contact the State Learning & Development Manager