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Girl Guides SA has been providing a safe, all-girl environment that invites girls to challenge themselves, to find their voice, meet new friends, have fun and make a difference for over 100 years. Your generous support will enable us to keep Girl Guides SA operating and providing events and opportunities for girls of all ages. We rely on the generosity of individuals like you. Your support of Girl Guides SA is vital to the development of girls now and in the future.



Will contribute towards a girl’s fees or uniform so they can gain life skills, knowledge and values.


Will contribute towards a young woman’s fee for leadership development training.


Will sponsor a new Girl Guides membership for a year. Giving her the opportunity to grow, learn, share and create.


Will cover the cost of a girl attending a camp where she can experience outdoor programs, create new friendships and learn valuable life skills.


Girl Guides South Australia has been there for thousands of girls and young women for more than one hundred years. Today more and more families and young people are turning to the organisation to provide a non-formal, educative approach that involves the environment and community. Your donation will assist Girl Guides South Australia in their vision to support programs that provide girls and young women with the skills and opportunities to become community members who make a difference.


Your gift will have a great impact on the lives of others. Future generations will benefit from the leadership, service and advocacy offered by Guiding members.


Donations of $2.00 and over are tax deductible.



Girl Guides Volunteers Information KitOpportunities to volunteer are open to both men and women – parents, grandparents, carers, guardians or just keen community members over 18 years.

Adult volunteers can become an Adult Member or be a part of Guiding in many other ways.

Volunteers share professional skills or talents, help with fundraising, catering, PR and marketing or assist Leaders during a Unit meeting, activity or camp.

The important Volunteers Kit ‘Volunteers make Guiding Happen‘ from Girl Guides Australia, provides essential information for persons looking to volunteer whether as a member or non-member.


The Blue and Gold Society was launched in South Australia at a Cocktail Party in March 2007 in con-junction with celebrations of 95 years of Guiding in South Australia.

The Society is affiliated with Girl Guides South Australia (GGSA).

The objective of the Society is to promote the value of GGSA, the Girl Guides program and through their community involvement, inform others about how the Girl Guides current program is designed to help girls and young women lead, achieve and succeed.


Girl Guides South Australia welcomes the donation of items related to the history of the Organisation. The aim of the collection is to provide a history of the movement in South Australia encompassing:

  • Adult and youth uniforms, badges, events
  • Publications
  • Pictorial and written information pertaining to branches/sections/ programs, events, activities, trainings, state meetings
  • Units current and past
  • State owned campsites, state owned headquarters and guide halls

Items will be received provided they:

  • Can be given proper care
  • Sufficient storage/display space is available
  • Are appropriate for the collection
  • Are in fair to good condition for retaining
  • Are of significant historical value and should not be destroyed

Collected items may fall into three categories:

  1. Historical record only
  2. Reference copy
  3. Display copy available for borrowing

Any information about the person donating the article or items is appreciated. Please include contact details of the donor.

For more information on the Girl Guides South Australia Archive Collection or about donating, contact Girl Guides South Australia.

Memorabilia Donations
GIRL GUIDES SA WELCOMES DONATIONS OF HISTORICAL ITEMSThe collection aims to provide a history of the movement in our state.