Girl Guides South Australia LogoGirl Guides South Australia (GGSA) was established in 1912 and today it is the largest youth organisation for girls and young women in South Australia; with 2000 youth members and 500 volunteer Leaders and adult Members.

GGSA provides a non-formal education program that is dynamic, flexible and values-based. Girls and young women are fully supported in safe and friendly environments where they can:

  • have a say in decision-making and activities
  • be listened to and respected
  • train and receive support in life skills
  • have their best interests considered and upheld

GGSA is an organisation that welcomes and actively seeks members from all societal groups.

GGSA is a Member of Girl Guides Australia (GGA) and a Member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).


Empowering girls and young women to discover their potential as leaders of their world


Girl Guides South Australia (GGSA) is an autonomous organisation. The organisation is managed based on the GGSA Constitution with practices and policies detailed in Guide Lines.

Guide Lines details the requirements of the organisation and incorporates policy, the rules of GGA and WAGGGS.

The organisation direction of general policy, policy decisions and vision are provided by the GGSA Board.

I would like more information on Guide Lines – the official and current guide for Girl Guides and Girl Guide Volunteers.

Girl Guides South Australia (GGSA) is committed to being South Australia’s leading organisation for girls and young women in leadership and personal development.

GGSA’s mission is empowering girls and young women to discover their potential as leaders of their world. Girl Guides provides an innovative, relevant and high quality flexible, non-formal educational program for girls and young women, anchored by a shared purpose of making the world a better place. Girl Guides develops leadership skills and a sense of personal responsibility in an inclusive, supportive, safe and friendly girl-only environment.

GGA together with the State Girl Guide Organisations (SGGOs) recognise that the long-standing reputation and effectiveness of Girl Guiding in Australia (GGiA) is dependent on the behaviours and attitudes of the people who make up the Girl Guiding movement in Australia.

The Girl Guide Promise and Guide Law is fundamental to all aspects of Guiding and provides a foundation of expected behaviours.

GGSA acknowledges the significant role culture plays in keeping children and young people safe. Guiding worldwide focuses on giving girls and young women a voice and an opportunity to build lifelong friendships and networks. These two core elements alone encourage those in Guiding to speak up for themselves and others, an essential part of creating a child safe culture.

For more information and too see our Framework, please click here https://www.guidelinesforgirlguides.org.au/cscf/child-safe-child-friendly-framework


Girl Guides SA - Fun, Friends & Adventure
FUN, FRIENDS & ADVENTURE"I'm prepared and ready for anything and everything" - Victoria age 17, Girl Guide for 9 years.

Membership of Girl Guides South Australia (GGSA) is open to girls and women aged 5 to 105! Every member makes a Promise which shows their commitment to the principles of Guiding and to the Guiding sisterhood, joining 10 million Guides world wide!

Being a Guide is all about learning new skills, making new friends and helping others. You will be encouraged to achieve your own personal goals through a flexible program with support from your Leader. You will also have the opportunity to work for a wide variety of badges and perhaps gain a Peak achievement award. If you are not able to join with a Unit near your home we have a group of Guides known as Lone Guides who meet via mail and email.

There’s more to being a Guide than just having a good time. Guiding provides opportunities for you to:

  • Be challenged by new experiences.
  • Think for yourself and make decisions.
  • Undertake teamwork and acquire leadership skills.
  • Develop self-awareness, self-respect and self-confidence.
  • Develop personal values.
  • Do your best.
  • Contribute to society.

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AGP Australian Guide ProgramThe Australian Guide Program (AGP) supports Guides learning of life-skills and leadership while having Fun, making Friends and enjoying Adventures outdoors. Everything that Girl Guides do is related to the four elements of the AGP and activities are based on the seven fundamentals of Guiding.


Self – Being a Guide is about challenging yourself
People – Making friends, sharing, caring and understanding others
Practical – Learning skills that will help you throughout life
Physical – Being active, healthy and strong


7 Fundamentals of Guiding

Girl Guides South Australia is a member of Girl Guides Australia (GGA).
GGA is comprised of six member organisations.

GGA provides leadership and personal skills development to its 30,000 members.

Girl Guides Australia – the organisation, the history, the future and the vision.

Guide Lines – the official guide for Girl Guides and Girl Guide Volunteers.

Girl Guides Australia Logo
The Guide Law
The Guide Promise


A Girl Guide makes a promise to do her best to be the best person she can be. The Promise is about yourself, personal development, your own spiritual journey and developing your value system. It is about what you do for others – the commitment to help others and a responsibility to your country.

A Girl Guide makes her Promise at a special Unit ceremony where she receives her Promise Badge, to be worn on her uniform.

The Guide Law gives Guides guidance and a code to live by as they strive to put their Promise into action. The Promise and Law underpin everything we do as Girl Guide’s: no matter what activity or challenge. It will empower them to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members.

Girl Guides know they can do anything!


Would you like your daughter to be independent, self-confident, learn skills for life, develop life-long friends and have every opportunity to experience an active healthy life?

Girl Guides know that girls can do anything.

We believe strongly that Australian girls are best served by a program designed specifically for Girl Guides and facilitated by women who are their Leaders.

These women are role models encourage Guides to challenge themselves through Fun, Friends and Adventure, in a safe and secure atmosphere.

Women and girls are provided opportunities to experience leadership, decision-making and planning. Guiding offers women and girls self-reliance, friendship and a feeling of well-being and self-worth.

Our Guide Leaders consistently report a special energy about Girl Guide meetings as the Guides take pride in:

  • having a direct say in what they do
  • learning to plan, action and evaluate their activities
  • discovering what kind of person they are
  • enjoying confidence with physical challenges

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I would like to read about the wonderful, talented Leaders of Girl Guides Australia.

I would like information on becoming a Leader with Girl Guides South Australia.


WAGGGS Friends of Asia Pacifica LogoWe’re for every girl and any girl. For her world.

WAGGGS – the world’s only movement for every girl and any girl because we believe that each of them deserves to be the best they can be.

We represent a sisterhood of ten million members in 152 countries.

WAGGGS Friends of Western Hemisphere Region LogoWAGGGS was formed in 1928 and provides a platform for discussion, debate and decision making about real issues affecting girls and young women around the world.

WAGGGS is made up of five regions Africa Region, Arab Region, Asia Pacific Region, Europe Region and the Western Hemisphere Region.

Within these regions are World Centres: Our Chalet, Pax Lodge, Our Cabana, Sangam and Kusafiri.


As a member of Girl Guides Australia (GGA), Girl Guides South Australia enjoys a connection with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

The role of Girl Guides Australia as a member of the WAGGGS Asia Pacific Region is:

To maintain close contact with the Asia Pacific Committee in order to ensure that we work according to WAGGGS’ Policies and Guidelines and also to WAGGGS and the Asia Pacific Region’s Strategic Plans.

Read more about the Asia Pacific Region

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
THE WORLD ASSOCIATION OF GIRL GUIDES & GIRL SCOUTSWe're for every girl and any girl. For her world.

Girl Guides South Australia is currently implementing a new privacy policy. Girl Guides South Australia is captured within the broader Girl Guiding in Australia policy which is accessible here. Girl Guides South Australia anticipates the implementation process will be completed by December 2023.

If you have any questions on how your data is managed or a question regarding the privacy policy, please contact the Privacy Officer at privacy@girlguidessa.org.au.

We thank you for your understanding whilst we implement this important policy.

Please note we have recently updated our COVID-19 Statement in alignment with the current conditions. Please click HERE to download.



Here’s a bit about Tina!

Tina has been an active member of GGSA since starting as a Brownie Guide then went on to become a Girl Guide, Junior Leader and then an Adult Leader. Tina has worked with units in all age groups over the years and has also been involved in all of the Scout shows and of course our very own Carry On Guides. Prior to undertaking the role as State Commissioner, Tina was an Assistant State Commissioner for three years. As a part of Tina’s appointment as State Commissioner, Tina serves on the GGSA Board and also served on the GGSA Board whilst fulfilling her role as Assistant State Commissioner. Tina also loves the outdoors, adventure and supporting our youth in extending and challenging themselves.

You can contact Tina at sc@girlguidessa.org.au